Semiconductor Optics

Morrison Optoelectronics integrates semiconductor lithography process and precision optical coating design, which integrate different optical bands required by customers into one chip.

Precision Optics

In addition to the original general traditional optical coating, Morrison Optoelectronics has three main forces in precision optics

Color Filter

Morrison Optoelectronics provides suitable spectra in different image structures according to customer needs. R, G, B, combined image structures are available separately.

Optical Microlens

In order to improve light-gathering efficiency, Morrison Optoelectronics uses reflow micro-lens technology to produce pixel designs as small as 3 microns and as large as 50 microns.

Light Sensor
Time of Filght
SOI CMOS image sensors
Digital gradient Filter
Light Sensor

In the field of light sensor applications, Morrison Optoelectronics provides Ambient Light Sensor, Proximity Sensor, and also provides a variety of different light bands (for example: Multi-channel Band Pass Filter, IR Pass Material, Color Filter). Applications are integrated on the same chip, which not only could greatly reduce the overall cost of wafer manufacturing and packaging, but also because the vertical integration is completed by Morrison Optoelectronics, in addition to shortening the overall process time, it also improves the Quality control capability.

Time of Filght

Time of Flight (ToF): Near-infrared light (NIR) is emitted through a light-emitting source (LED or laser), reflected on the surface of the object, and measured through a near-infrared light image sensor. The time when the depth position reflects back, and the distance beeneen different positions of the object can be calculated using a simple mathematical formula. The key is to have a narrow band pass filter in order to accurately receive the light only contains the 940nm band (because this band is not easily affected by nature). In addition to providing this filter film, our company can also integrate semiconductor lithography patterning process and Micro lens manufacturing technology, which greatly helps to improve the sensing performance and extensive use of ToF sensors.

SOI CMOS image sensors

In the field of image sensor applications, Morrison Optoelectronics provides IR absorbing glass applications such as infrared light absorption filters, dual-band absorption filters, etc., which are respectively used in the lens modules of smart phones and notebook computers. We also provide customized theater-grade optics for specific customers.


Morrison Optoelectronics can complete customized multi-spectral integration graphics services on wafers and glasses, including space-grade filters and black matrix with high penetration and low reflection for vehicles.

Digital gradient Filter

MOE cooperated with domestic semiconductor manufacturers to develop a digital gradient filter for advanced semiconductor exposure machines, which was adopted by domestic and foreign semiconductor manufacturers. Applicable to ASML PAS5500/ 550 or 700 (DUV), 200 or 400 (i-line).

About Morrison

MORRISON OPTOELECTRONICS LTD. was established in September 2003. Focusing on the development of a variety of precision optical element and specialized in integrating optical coating and semiconductor fabrication to create differentiation advantage which contains sofenare and hardware and related process technology, and various kinds of optical applications. Our vision is to become the world's best semiconductor optical integrated manufacturing service company.

Customized process

Morrison Optoelectronics has long been committed to precision optical development and semiconductor integration, thus it is a top manufacturer in the application of various organic photoresist materials, optical thin film research, and manufacturing. Whether it is wafer or glass substrate materials, Morrison Optoelectronics can provide a variety of optical design integrated manufacturing solutions to meet customized needs

Optical Design Simulation

Morrison Optoelectronics customizes the design and provides optimized solutions for different spectrums (including but not limited to UV range, visible light range, near-infrared light, and far-infrared light) for customers to choose. Through optical design simulation services, it reduces development costs, improves evaluation efficiency, and assists customers in launching products in the shortest time before mass production.

Process Integration Solution

In addition to the original precision optical coating manufacturing, Morrison Optoelectronics also introduces the development of optical organic materials and semiconductor yellow light manufacturing process. Therefore, Morrison Optoelectronics can not only provide eno different styles of color spectrum (optical coating or photoresist), At the same time, combined with the micro-lens manufacturing process, all of them are integrated in the one-stop production of Morrison Optoelectronics, providing customers with the best and fastest solution.

Bonding and Packaging

MOE's precision optics include external processing capabilities, cleaning processes, coating processes (evaporation and sputtering), cutting processes, wafer bonding (stacking), and various inspections.

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